Board of Community Guardian

About the Board of Community Guardian

The goal of the Board of Community Guardian is to protect incapacitated adult citizens from exploitation, abuse, or neglect, and to provide assistance to the designated representative. The Board does this by screening and accepting referrals from the community, and recruiting and training designated representative to act as the Board’s representative. To qualify for guardianship by the Board of Community Guardian the potential ward must lack capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions, and may suffer harm due to their inability to provide for needs of food, clothing, health care, shelter, safety and to manage their financial affairs. In 1982, the State of Idaho enacted legislation that provides for designated representative and conservators for incapacitated and vulnerable adults. The law was devised in response to community concerns about impaired adults who had no one to handle their affairs or to ensure they were receiving the proper care. The Ada County BOCG consists of seven Board members who sit as an administrative department of the county. They set policies for accepting referrals and are the deciding factor for whether a case is accepted on by the BOCG.

Board of Community Guardian Executive Director

Bonnie Malmstrom

Contact Information 

200 W. Front Street
Boise, Idaho  83702

Phone: (208) 287-7977
Fax:    (208) 287-5811

Volunteer Designated Representatives Needed!

The Ada County Board of Community Guardians is seeking volunteers to act as advocates for adult individuals who have nobody else in their lives to do so. Designated representatives assist those who have an incapacity which renders them unable to make safe decisions for themselves. There is no mandatory time requirement as each case is different, and volunteers are provided with an initial training as well as 24hr support. Please contact Bonnie Malmstrom at 287-7977 or  for more information on how you can help someone by becoming a designated representative.

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